During this wild time of pandemic and social isolation, I have been trying to stay with my practice while away from my physical working studio. This has led me to revisit my work through the lens of pixelization. I have always loved pixel art, especially the Gerhard Richter Stained glass works. I have a fraught relationship with digital art but, during this time I have embraced the manipulation of my physical 'real' paintings by turning them into digital pixel drawings. By digitally manipulating them and fragmenting them over and over, really interesting moments happen. Perhaps my pieces are fragmenting along my sanity? Who can say.
I veiw this discreet series as sort of my 'ready to wear' line. This is Miss Dior as opposed to my other work being akin to the haute couture house Dior.
Day 1,999,875,483,000 of quarentine.

Collect them like adult Pokemon! Gotta Catch them all.

They are printed on either Aluminum or Archival 300gsm Paper with a Smooth Matte Finish

The sizes start at 4"x4" but can scale up as large as 30"x30" 
Email me for more details <kristin.rein@gmail.com>

Art In The TIme Of Corona