The Liminal State In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, we are told that there are six states of existence between death and rebirth. Together, these six states are referred to as The Liminal State. This series began to take shape while rereading the Tibetan Book of the Dead after losing a loved one. The intermediate Liminal State is the pathway from death of corporeal self to rebirth of pure consciousness. In this series, each of the six intermediate states – called “Bardos” – has a color representation:
-The 1st Bardo of This Life
-The 2nd Bardo of Meditation
-The 3rd Bardo of the Dream
-The 4th Bardo of Dying
-The 5th Bardo of Dharmata
-The 6th Bardo of Existence
Building these pieces with natural elements [glass and sand] and marrying them with the unnatural or manmade [paint and epoxy resin]. This new series is visceral and textural. The pieces adhere – just barely – to the convention of wall hangings, but they creep past their edges, becoming sculptural and suggestive of something beyond the obvious. Above all else I am a maker, I add and subtract to find a moment of grace.